UPE Delta chapter of Illinois

Honor Society Details

CDM is continually looking for ways to recognize and reward outstanding scholastic achievement for its students. The UPE honor society is an excellent example of the recognition for the efforts of the faculty members and students of CDM. CDM undergraduate and graduate students who accepted their invitation to join UPE will participate in the UPE initiation ceremony. Being a member of the honor society can be an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding experience.

  • Enhanced resume

    One of the greatest benefits for UPE members will be the enhancements resumes will get when you mention that you are a member of the UPE. It could be one of the few things that could help place your resume above others; UPE members will undoubtedly get more positive attention from potential employers and graduate schools. Furthermore, UPE graduates will have the honor of wearing the UPE regalia at the graduation ceremony, which will definitely set you apart from the other graduates.

  • Scholarships

    Some more apparent and immediate benefits are the scholarships that can be won based on extraordinary achievements in scholarship; the UPE scholarships are funded by two companies, namely Microsoft and IBM. The local UPE chapter will be hosting a series of seminars and invited speakers, where students can get exposure to new research directions; think of this as a great opportunity to setup a valuable network of people that could help you later in your career. UPE members will most likely be among the first to learn about internships, jobs, and research opportunities within CDM and other institutions.

  • ACM Student Power Package

    In addition to the benefits of the UPE membership, ACM offers the "ACM Student Power Package" (a $42 value) free to newly inducted UPE members, which includes a personal subscription to ACM's Digital Library, on-line subscriptions to Communications of the ACM and Crossroads, a free "acm.org" email forward address and entry in ACM's Membership Directory, full access to the ACM Career Resource Center, and selected free courses in the Professional Development (PD) Centre (http://pd.acm.org/). We sent members an email with instructions to access the ACM membership on the web. Please check your email accounts and notify us if you did not receive this information.

  • Graduation recognition

    When graduating you will have the honor cords to wear as well as the carat-clad keypin. Honor cords were handed out to graduates who were walking in the graduation ceremony. If you did not receive yours, please contact us.

  • Activities

    And finally, imagine the great opportunity to share your experience with other outstanding students at CDM or even other universities; you could plan different student activities, such as creating a framework for students to find mentors, or setting up a forum for students to give presentations about topics they are working on at work or school. The benefits and rewards are too many to list here, and they can only be discovered if you involve yourselves in the UPE.

    Much of the Delta chapter of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society will be directed towards research and higher educational opportunities. We would like to partner with other schools on their research activities whether through working on projects together or hosting research seminars featuring research from other universities. The activities are up to the interests of the students.

Joining UPE:
  • Joining procedures:
    • In the spring quarter of the first year you are eligible you will receive an invitation to join the honor society.
    • You must accept the invitation and pay the initiation fee by the date and in the method specified in the invitiation.
    • You must then either attend the initiation ceremony or complete an absentia form.
    • You will then be considered a UPE member in the Delta Chapter of Illinois.
  • Eligibility requirements:

    As for eligibility requirements, both undergraduate and graduate students meeting certain requirements are welcome to join.

    • Undergraduate

      If you are an undergraduate student you must have a GPA of at least 3.5 in your major classes with at least 69 quarter hours completed by the end of the Winter quarter including 23 quarter hours of  basic courses in Computation and Information disciplines.

    • Graduate

      If you are a graduate student you must have a GPA of at least 3.75 with at least 18 quarter hours completed by the end of the Winter quarter.

  • One invitation

    If you are eligible, you are invited to become a UPE member only ONCE during your undergraduate and graduate years at DePaul University. The invitation will be extended to you in the beginning of the Spring quarter of the first year you are eligible.

  • Membership fee

    The initiation fee to join UPE includes membership to the National honor society, the cost of the UPE membership certificate and the carat-clad keypin, a one year membership to ACM, as well as the cost for honor cords for graduating students (honor cords will be handed out with caps and gowns) and events.

    A renewal fee of $25 will be charged in future membership years and will be used to sponsor events.

  • Only honor society in Computing and Information Disciplines:

    The UPE honor society is the first and only existing international honor society in the Computing and Information Disciplines. The Depaul chapter is the largest in the world.

  • Establishment:

    Since its establishment at Texas A&M University in 1967, UPE has grown to become an international organization with nearly 200 chapters in major universities throughout the world.

  • Endorsements:

    The society has received endorsements from the two largest computer organizations in the world, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE-CS); furthermore, in 1997, the UPE society became a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, the parent organization for all academic honor societies in North America.