UPE Delta chapter of Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some of the most commonly asked questions.
Please feel free to send any questions to deltaUPE@cdm.depaul.edu

I missed the deadline, can I still join?
No, you will not be allowed to join if you failed to respond on time. This is a one time opportunity and you will not be invited next year.

Will I be a member for life?
Yes, if you join, you will be a life time member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, but in order to remain active you must pay annual dues.

If I join as an undergraduate, do I have to be initiated again in graduate school?
No, once you join the UPE you will be a member for life.

What are the membership benefits after graduation?
There are a variety of benefits after graduation. You will be a life time member and if an active member you can participate in all future events. You will receive the same benefits current students receive.  

How can I use my ACM membership on the web?
If you are a new member, your ACM membership details will be emailed to you aften initiation. If you are not a new member and have not activated your ACM membership, please contact UPE and your membership information will be e-mailed to you.

Can I continue to be a member if my GPA drops below the requirement (3.5 for undergraduate and 3.75 for graduate)?
Yes, if you join, you will be a life time member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon regardless of your future GPA.

Can I be an active member after graduating by just paying the annual fee?
Yes, you can be an active member after graduation by paying the $25 annual fee. You will be an inactive member if you do not pay the annual fee. It is up to you how you would like to be involved. All active members will be allowed to vote in UPE polls.

When do I need to pay the initiation fee?
You must pay the initiation fee by the time specified in your invitation letter to be considered a UPE member.

What are the annual membership fees?
The annual membership fees are $25 per year. This money will be kept for our local chapter for events. This fee will be collected every fall.

Must I attend the initiation ceremony to become a member?
Yes, all initiates are expected to attend the ceremony at St. Vincent's church. If, however, you were unable to attend the ceremony then you must complete an absentia form and return it to the UPE board by to be considered a UPE member. You may return it by mail to CDM - UPE 243 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604 or fax it to the attn: CDM - UPE at 312 362 6116 or drop it all at the 4th floor reception desk of the CDM building (243 S. Wabash Ave.) during business hours.

How do I pick up my honor cords for graduation this year?
You can pick up your honor cords when you pick up your cap and gown. Each member graduating this year will be contacted by UPE to confirm graduation and provide information regarding honor cords. If you are unsure if an honor cord has been ordered, please email UPE at deltaupe@cdm.depaul.edu wit with your name, student ID, and graduation date in the email.

Do I have to return the honor cords or can I keep them?
You will keep your honor cords.

How can I get my honor cords if I do not attend to the commencement ceremony?
We will hold the ordered honor cords for those who do not attend the commencement ceremony. You can arrange a pick up at a later date.