UPE Delta chapter of Illinois


2014 UPE Convention- DePaul Chapter Recieves $250 Chapter Award

The Annual UPE Convention was held through an online conference on Friday April 4th. It was there where 5 universities gave presentations on their respective chapter on how their chapter contributed to promoting Upsilon Pi Epsilon around campus.

The DePaul University UPE Chapter was selected as a finalist, therefore, being rewarded for their contribution to promoting UPE as a whole, as well as their services and events they have performed throughout the academic year.

2014, May

Security Daemons "May Day!" Talks

When:      date are given; times will be given later to the date
Where:    CDM Room 350

Security Daemons has some excellent talks planned for the entire month of May! From buffer overflows to general security, these talks will give you perspective and some inside knowledge of what each topic is about. Listed below are the topic and dates of each presentation.

Dates are subject to change; we will notify everyone of the time of the event shortly.

May 2nd- Buffer Overflows: Presentation by Matt Hallagan
May 8th- Arduino Tutorial- Presentation by Matt Anderson
May 14th- OWASP Top 10 (Part 1) - Presentation by Li-Wey Lu
May 15th- OWASP Top 10 (Part 2)- Presentation by Li-Wey Lu
May 22nd- Windows 7 General Security- Presentation by Tiberius Cacuci-Simionas
May 29th- Advanced CLI Commands- Presentation by Alex Leahu

2014, May 4th

Web2py Conference

When:      Sunday, May 4th, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Where:    CDM Room 924

This all day event will go into programming for any experience level. beginner or advanced! This conference will cover different topic areas of programming from CSS, XML, and web-IDE to security practices and development.

Food and drink will be provided.

You must register for this event if you plan to attend; click here to go to the registration page.

Join the Spring UPE Board Meetings

UPE Board meetings are held every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 p.m.
in the Millenium Boardroom (CDM 723).
All UPE members are welcome to attend.